Spring Storm Preparation for Your Roof

Spring Storm Preparation for Your Roof

Replacing Your Shingle Roof In Bozeman, MT: A Complete Guide

Spring is a time of fresh starts and blooming nature. While it can feel like a time for rebirth, it is also a time for disastrous weather. Severe lightning and thunderstorms can bring devastating results to a property, especially if the roof is subjected to fallen branches and torrential hail.

As a Helena, MT homeowner, you know how damaging spring weather can be, and you should fortify your home against spring weather conditions as early as possible. This includes preparing your roof and drainage systems to face severe thunderstorms.

But how do you protect your home from costly damage? Consider this expert advice from Helena, MT roofing contractors on how to prepare for spring storms this year.

Preventative Measures

It’s simple: the best way to prepare your roofing in Helena, MT, is to invest in some common preventative measures. Here’s what you need to do before late March.

Professional Roof Inspection

Contact roofing companies in Helena, MT, to schedule a professional roof inspection. This will catch problems early so that small cracks will not lead to big leaks later on. The skilled roofing companies of Helena, MT, can handle all types of roofs. This includes traditional shingles and even common materials for metal roofing in Helena, MT, like copper and aluminum.

Shingle Replacement

If roofing contractors in Helena, MT find damaged, cracked, or missing shingles, you’ll want them replaced before spring storms. Otherwise, your roof may spring a leak and cause water damage.

Shingle replacement is necessary before storms hit and immediately after a severe storm. Heavy rain and high winds can crack or loosen shingles. Contact local contractors for roof repair in Helena, MT for fast shingle repair.

Clean Gutters

The leaves of fall and the snow of winter can prevent adequate gutter cleaning. However, regular cleaning is necessary to prevent clogs and excess water build-up. Dirty gutters can cause roof damage if unaddressed.

It is easy for fallen branches, trash, and dead leaves to overtake the gutters. They can come from the passage of the seasons, high winds, or from the storm itself. Either way, roofing contractors of Helena, MT, can help clear gutters.

Other Tips to Consider

Replacing shingles, cleaning gutters, and calling in preventative maintenance are all necessary steps. However, here’s a few other tips you should consider:

  • Attach Downspouts and Gutters. When these are inspected, ensure they are not just clean but also securely attached to your home. This promotes proper drainage to ensure water doesn’t pool on your roof.
  • Inspect Membrane. If your home has an attic, it is likely there is a protective membrane in place to keep water out. Ask Helena, MT roofing contractors to inspect this membrane for damage and possible replacement. The attic is a prime candidate for water infiltration and subsequent damage.
  • Adjust Flashings. The plastic layers around doors and windows keep cold out but also lets moisture in if it isn’t installed correctly. Flashings should be correctly and tightly affixed and free of damage. A strong spring storm could lead to flashing replacement.

The Bottom Line

When planning your spring cleaning, make time for an inspection and possible repair from roofing companies in Helena, MT. Protect your roof, and your home, from leaks and water damage.

If you need help preparing for the spring season, contact Helena, MT roofing contractors. From shingles to the metal roofing of Helena, MT, you are covered.

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