Our Values

The heart of everything we do


Our Founders

We love what we get to do everyday and we are passionate about it because the people that we get to serve make our work worthwhile. Our values guide us as a family in how we help people keep their home and family safe.

“Our hope is that your experience is more than just roofing, we want to treat you like a part of the family through the whole process.”

— Greg & Jeanette Wood


The way we strive to conduct ourselves each and every day knowing that truth is the way we establish Trust.


Perhaps the most fundamental ingredient for relationship and human connection, we find when our relationships are good our lives are good as well.

Our Crest

More than roofing


One of our most cherished gift to our world is to live a life of giving and sharing knowing as we give we will always be taken care of ourselves.


We believe Honor is the key to advancement to any lasting endeavor how we treat and respect each other matters.

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