How to Detect and Patch a Roof Leak

How to Detect and Patch a Roof Leak

Replacing Your Shingle Roof In Bozeman, MT: A Complete Guide

No matter how big a leak is, it still has the potential to damage your home. And the longer it goes untreated, the higher the chance that mold will develop, which can be detrimental to your health.

The potential structural hazards and health risks are why it is essential to know how to detect a leak and patch it up. As roofers in Bozeman, MT, we can provide you with the knowledge and skills to ensure that your home is safe all year round.

Find the Leak

The first and most obvioussign of a leak is dripping water. However, there are also other signs that you should look out for, including:

  • Water stains on your ceiling
  • Damp odors
  • Spots on the outside walls
  • Warped or missing roof shingles
  • Bulging wallpaper on inside walls

If you notice any of these issues in and around your home, you should call your roofing contractors in Bozeman, MT, to assess the situation further and provide a solution.

Fix Warped or Cracked Shingles

Once you’ve found the location of the leak, depending on the severity of the damage, you may be able to fix it yourself. However, it is always recommended you seek the expertise of Bozeman roofers to ensure your structure is fixed correctly. In addition, many homeowners insurers will not cover damages from a DIY repair.

If it’s a minor leak and you want to repair it yourself, you’ll need to purchase some sealant from your local hardware store. The steps you’ll need to take for a cracked shingle are:

  • Apply sealant beneath the crack.
  • Put pressure on the shingle and apply some more sealant over the crack.
  • Spread the sealant until it is smooth with a putty knife.
  • Gather some shingle granules from your gutter to sprinkle over the wet sealant and camouflage the repair.

Replace Shingles That Can’t Be Repaired

If the leak has caused significant damage, roofing companies in Bozeman are likely to suggest you have the shingles replaced to avoid further ruin to your home. If you’re unsure what warrants a severely damaged shingle, look out for large cracks, rot, or gaping spaces on the roof.

Bozeman roofing companies will take the following steps to replace your shingles:

  • Remove the nails with a pry bar and lift the shingles.
  • Scrape away the cement.
  • Place the new shingle into position using roofing nails and secure them in each corner.
  • Use roof cement to conceal the nails.

If you’ve never attempted this before, your Bozeman roofing contractors will advise against it. It’s always better to have a professional take on a job as important as this.

Fix the Flashing

Flashing around chimneys and metal roofing in Bozeman, MT, are susceptible to leaking.

To prevent this from happening, ensure you regularly reseal the joints using roof cement. You can seal your Montana metal roofing by filling a caulk gun with cement and applying it accordingly with a putty knife.

Look After Your Roof

Hopefully, knowing these signs will help prevent leakages for your roofing in Bozeman, Montana. They will also help you catch leaks early, and allow you to avoid expensive replacements, therefore maintaining the safety of your structure for you and your family.

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