The Essentials of Cedar Roof Maintenance

The Essentials of Cedar Roof Maintenance

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Cedarwood looks stunning and is a popular roofing option among customers. But we all know that cedar shingles are prone to damage, especially after a storm. So, how do you prevent the inevitable damage and extend the lifespan of your shingles?

Use this guide to help you save money and avoid repairs while keeping your cedar roof looking as fresh as the day it was built.

1. Inspect and Look For Damage

The best way to protect your cedar and extend the longevity of your shingles is to find signs of damage early. As an external surface of your home, the roof is bound to sustain damage over time, but it doesn’t have to be permanent. Assessing the area for issues can often lead to quick fixes that prevent the spread of mold or further damage.

You don’t need to be a professional roofer to complete an accurate assessment. For example, when inspecting the area, you can often look from the ground without a ladder. 

Be sure to look for both current problems and signs that could lead to future problems. A few things that could mean trouble include:

  • Evidence of moisture on the roof or interior ceiling
  • Collections of debris
  • Broken, loose, or chipped shingles
  • Moss, rot, or fungus growth

While moss and broken shingles are evidence of current damage, spotting a moist spot early can prevent mold growth before it spreads. This slows the aging process of your cedar wood and prevents permanent damage to the shingles.

2. Do a Debris Sweep

Did you know that simple debris like leaves and sticks can quickly cause permanent damage to your shingles? As Great Falls MT roofers, we know how frequently local weather patterns can bring down branches and cover roofs with leaves. While harmless in the short term, this debris can collect and hold moisture that permanently damages your cedar if left to sit on the roof.

The moisture can also cause mold and fungi to form. Some types of fungi are particularly harmful to cedar shingles. However, a simple sweep of the surface after major storms or when the debris is present could save you thousands of dollars down the line.

3. Clean Out The Gutters

Gutters serve an essential purpose in protecting your home from water damage. If a gutter backs up, though, it can do the opposite. These gutters that once redirected water now pool up and provide a growth spot for mold and fungi on the lower shingles.

Rather than pay a massive sum to completely redo your gutter-soaked cedar, avoid this issue entirely by removing gutter debris periodically. Roofing companies in Great Falls, MT, know that clean gutters are one of the easiest ways homeowners can save money on cedar damage and offer this as part of their comprehensive services.

4. Treat Your Roof

Roofing contractors can also perform cedar treatments to protect against things like algae, moisture, or even fire. While this investment costs more to your maintenance bill, applying treatment upfront will save money on repairs down the line.

The Bottom Line

As Great Falls roofing contractors, we have become experts on the best ways to protect local homes from moisture, debris, and more. We’ve seen several properties affected by pesky roof damage that could have been avoided with a few simple maintenance procedures.

Follow these tips for cedar that lasts long, looks beautiful, and isn’t costly to maintain.

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