Synthetic Shingles: A Green Solution for the Future

Synthetic Shingles: A Green Solution for the Future

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If you’re familiar with traditional shingles, you know that they certainly have some shortcomings. Among these is their lack of durability. Most Great Falls, MT, roofers will tell you that they dread the look on their clients’ faces when they mention how often they’ll need shingle replacement. It’s inconvenient and leaves everyone wanting a solution.

Another problem that plagues roofers is the unsustainable nature of traditional shingles. We all want to perform our jobs in the most environmentally conscious way possible, but this is an unattainable goal due to the high demand for shingles. 

However, a new kind of eco-friendly alternative to traditional shingles has roofing contractors in Great Falls, MT, jumping for joy. Synthetic shingles are made from thermoplastics, which are much more sustainable and durable than traditional shingles while still retaining the same look.

We’ll give you all the details about this miraculous roofing solution down below.

What are Thermoplastics?

Thermoplastics are a synthetic material that is made malleable with the application of heat. They can be converted into either a solid or a liquid state, depending on what they’re used for. In their solid-state, thermoplastics have been frequently used by Great Falls, MT, roofing contractors on local homes within the past few years.

How Do Thermoplastic Shingles Help the Environment?

You might be thinking, “that all sounds well and good, but what about thermoplastics make them environmentally friendly? After all, aren’t plastics supposed to be really bad for the environment?”

Let’s break down exactly how these synthetic shingles provide a green solution to your roofing needs.

They are Reusable

Because the majority of plastics cannot be biodegraded, most will sit in a landfill forever. However, due to thermoplastics’ unique properties, they can be reused again in ways that ordinary plastics cannot. They can be heated up and reformed without being destroyed in the process, making for a truly renewable resource.

They Can Be Produced Sustainably

Many ecological activists have concerns about the sustainability of producing more plastics. However, if thermoplastics can be incorporated into more industries, it can actually help reduce humanity’s carbon footprint. This material can even be destroyed and converted into electricity in the ultimate form of energy recovery.

They Last Longer than Other Shingles

Synthetic shingles are far more durable than the traditional variety. That means not only do you have to replace your shingles much less often, but manufacturers can produce much less of this material over time. It’s a win-win for the roofing industry, homeowners, and the environment.


When it comes to an environmentally friendly solution that fortifies your roof and keeps your home’s interior protected against water damage, there’s no better option than these thermoplastic synthetic shingles. 

If you’re ready to make the switch, or you’re interested in a consultation, there are plenty of roofing companies in Great Falls, MT, that would be happy to assist you.

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