Replacing Your Shingle Roof In Bozeman, MT: A Complete Guide

Replacing Your Shingle Roof In Great Falls, MT: A Complete Guide

Replacing Your Shingle Roof In Bozeman, MT: A Complete Guide

Replacing your shingle roof isn’t something to be taken lightly. There are a lot of details to consider, and it can be a challenging job.

This is why, if your roofing in Bozeman, MT, requires a repair or a replacement, you need to have it done right and by a professional.

This guide will take you through the information needed to ensure your roof is both attractive and functional, with tips from trusted and reputable Bozeman roofing contractors.

How Long Do Shingles Last?

Typical shingle and asphalt roofs last between 15 and 20 years. However, roofs that are not regularly maintained or in locations with extreme weather conditions may not last as long.

A common type, three-tab shingle roofs, can withstand wind-uplift between 60 to 70mph. As the weather often gets snowy and freezing in Montana, roof repair in Bozeman, MT, may be needed more often.

You can purchase shingles with higher durability than others, but they cost more. However, this extra cost saves you money as the shingles will last longer.

Your roofing contractors in Bozeman, MT, will be able to tell you the exact benefits of each shingle, including which ones they would recommend for withstanding wind speeds, etc.

What Are the Best Types of Shingles?

You’ll have a range of material options when you have a roof replacement. Your roofers in Bozeman, Montana, will always recommend the three main shingle types, and you can weigh the options against the overall roof replacement cost:

3 Tab

This type has three asphalt tabs on every shingle. They lie in a flat, single layer, and the three tabs are evenly placed apart on the lower edge. Bozeman roofers fit these shingles together like a puzzle piece when installing or replacing your roof.


Luxury shingles replicate the look of natural slate, but surprisingly, they don’t actually cost a lot of money. Their benefits include being highly durable and can withstand adverse weather conditions.

However, they do weigh quite a lot. Your roofers in Bozeman, Montana, will recommend these shingles if you have a period-style home that would benefit aesthetically from natural slate.


Dimensional shingles have a longer lifespan than generic types, sometimes lasting between 40 and 50 years. They have a double-bonded layer and offer ample protection from wind, hail, and other extreme weather conditions.

With the dimensional option, you probably won’t need much roof repair in Bozeman, MT.

How to Choose Roofing Companies in Bozeman, MT

Hopefully, you’ll be more aware of what to expect when you have a roof replacement, and you’ll have more of an idea about the types of shingles your structure has.

When choosing roofing companies in Bozeman, MT, you have to ensure that they are professional, trusted, and established, with a good reputation amongst previous clients and within the roofing industry.

If you need your shingle roof replaced, your roofers in Bozeman, Montana, will make sure that your structure is not only safe and functioning for your family but it is also attractive to onlookers.

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