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Need professional roof repair in Phoenix, Arizona. but not sure where to go? America’s Choice Roofing offers quality and expertise for all of your roofing needs. Contact our roofing services crew to get your projects done in a short period of time.

America’s Choice Roofing — The Safest Option

America’s Choice Roofing’s #1 job is to make your roof safe. Whether it’s commercial roofing or residential, our roofing services company promises quality work and top-tier construction to all of our customers. We have policies in place to ensure that when we’re done with any roof installation projects, your roof will fully protect your business or family.


Residential roofing accidents are stressful enough on their own. That’s why America’s Choice Roofing will work tirelessly with your insurance adjuster to handle the paperwork after an accident for you or your businesses. We are dedicated to our insurance company work and do everything we can to keep you from paying out of pocket.

Lifetime Workmanship Warranty

Alongside our liaison roofing services, our company offers a Lifetime Workmanship Warranty to maintain any commercial or residential roof. Contact an America’s Choice Roofing contractor today to learn more.

Free Damage Consultation

As a family business since 1994, we understand the importance of supporting our community. That’s why every America’s Choice Roofer offers free, professional damage consultations to give you the best advice on your next roofing project.

Whether you need serious construction, a leak repaired, or just a roof inspection, we’ll offer you an estimate with a fair price for any of your roof’s issues.

24-Hour Emergency Service Roof Repair in Phoenix, Arizona

When the roof on your home or business is in danger, our company offers 24-hour support to keep you safe. Call the phone number at any time and our crew will be there to help fix your Helena, MT roof.

Our Residential and Commercial Roofing Services

Our roofing contractors offer a variety of services for homeowners or your company. If you’re not sure if you’ll need sub contractors for your next construction projects, or just looking for quality work from a company you can trust, give us a request for a free estimate today.

Storm Damage

Storm damage can be one of the costliest insurance repairs, so it’s important that you maintain your roof after storms. Here’s some common storm damage that America’s Choice Roofing will repair on roofs in Phoenix.

Loose Seals

High winds can loosen the shingle seals on your business. This is often due to some mixture of wear and poor construction, and eventually, causes damage to your siding. America’s Choice can help you get a minor leak repaired, or an entirely new roof that’s formatted to better withstand Phoenix, AZ weather.

Water Damage

Water damage can affect almost every part of your home and require costly roof repair if left unattended. If you think you need a leak repaired in the days following a storm, don’t hesitate to call America’s Choice Roofing. Our experts will perform a roof inspection of your siding and install quality roofing materials to stop any water damage from threatening your home.

Resale Value

In Montana, a defunct roof can be a major detriment to a home’s resale value. To avoid construction project costs or thousands of lost income later down the line, contact a professional at America’s Choice Roofing to get an estimate on repair services.

Ice Damming

The Helena area is known for beautiful winter snow and ice. Unfortunately, when ice forms at the edge of your roof the melting snow can’t drain away, leaving it to re-freeze and expand in a process called ice damming. Many residents try to fix this by hitting ice dams with a shovel, but this often causes further damage to water-weakened shingles.

Professionals have the tools to remove ice dams from your house, along with the roof repair knowledge to fix shingles broken from ice expansion.

Hail Damage

Have you noticed any early warning signs of hail damage on your home’s siding and want to avoid a costly insurance claim? Contact our professional roofing services. We make it our job to protect every customer’s building from preventable damage. Give us a call today if you notice any of these common signs of damage.

Granule Loss

Have you noticed little granules in your gutters but aren’t sure where to go for advice? This may be related to hail damage, and if left unchecked, can cost you time and stress by creating dangerous leaks. At America’s Choice Roofing we provide the expertise, materials, and service to give you the best new shingles that withstand the hailstorms of the Phoenix area.

Cracks in Shingles

Hail can also make shingles crack and cause structural damage to a business or home roof. You can avoid letting problems like this one worsen with regular roof maintenance and roof repair, but if several of your shingles are cracked, it might be time to replace your current structure with a new roof.

Loose Seals

Much like unchecked tree enterprises, extreme hail can loosen your shingles, making them and surrounding shingles more susceptible to storm damage. If you notice this problem, contact our construction and roofing work services for recommendations on the best roof replacement materials to fix the issue. Our first job is to keep you and your property safe from falling debris.

Fiberglass Mat Issues

Hail can be a huge problem for an old or incorrectly installed roof. Most roof installation includes a fiberglass mat underneath shingles to protect against water damage, and the fiberglass mat isn’t always included in routine roof repairs.

Hail can make shingles shatter and break away from the fiberglass mat underneath, leaving it susceptible to water damage. Our roofing contractors are happy to replace the fiberglass mat or do repairs at your request.

Our Products for Roof Replacement and Roof Repair

Our 25 years of experience have taught us that the best solution to roof repair issues is giving our customers quality products from the moment they install a new roof or enlist our services for roof maintenance.

That’s why, as roofing contractors, we’re proud to work with roof repair material industry leaders Tilcor and F-Wave. As the gold standard in roof replacement materials, we provide every building we service with the insurance that they’re getting the best synthetic, metal, and asphalt shingles on the market.

Explore Your Options

America’s Choice Roofing offers Tilcor, F-Wave, and Standing Seam synthetic/metal for residential roofing.


A beautiful yet durable alternative to traditional roofing tiles. Precision stone-coated metal roofing, with cutting-edge Zincalume steel for increased service life. Tilcor offers strength and resilience – even in the harshest Arizona conditions.

Hurricane resistant
Freeze and thaw resistant
Hail resistant
Environmentally sustainable
Weatherproof warranty

Standing Seam

An attractive, contemporary metal roofing solution that will stand up to extreme wind and weather. Thanks to continuous panels from ridge to eaves. America’s Choice have the experience and equipment required to install this architectural roofing.

Hail resistant
Wind resistant
Corrosion resistant
Contemporary appearance
Weather resistant

Tough Rib

An affordable metal roofing system designed to stand up to the harshest of conditions. High tensile steel increases load capacity, while impressive fire and hail ratings will make sure your business is protected whatever the weather.

Hail resistant
Wind resistant
25-year perforation warranty
ArmorTech™ Paint System
Conforms with ENERGY STAR®
Any roofing contractor at America’s Choice recommends Owen’s Corner and Malarkey roofing products if you want asphalt on your family home or business. These reputable companies have dozens of aesthetic options for roof replacement that all withstand the weather in East Helena.

Da Vinci

DaVinci has been the leader in composite roofing for nearly two decades. Our commitment to creating durable, beautiful roofing tiles is unparalleled. You won’t find a more realistic or better-performing roofing product anywhere. With DaVinci, you can retain all the character your home was intended to have without worrying about time-consuming and costly maintenance. Whether you’re replacing an existing roof or looking for the crowning touch on a new construction project…just leave it to DaVinci.

Impact resistant
Improved tear strength
Effective hail resistance
Powerful rain seals
Class A fire rating
Helps clean the air


The days of sacrificing beauty and style for durability and toughness are over. Get luxurious natural slate or wood shake roofing style without the challenges, waste, or expense of other premium materials.

We set out to develop durable roofing materials that wouldn’t end up in a landfill after a few years. Euroshield® roofs, made from recycled tires, come with an unbeatable warranty that underscores the peace of mind you should feel by having an almost indestructible roof over your head.

Sound deadening & insulating
Extremely durable
Resistant to hail
Powerful rain seals
Adds value to your home
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