How Heavy Rain In Montana Damages Your Roof

How Heavy Rain In Montana Damages Your Roof

Replacing Your Shingle Roof In Bozeman, MT: A Complete Guide

When spring and summer weather comes, you can expect heavy rain. Unfortunately, intense downpours of rain can severely damage the top of your house. Spotting damage and immediately getting necessary repairs will extend the life of your shingles and structure, but you need to know what to look for.

Here, we’ll share the most common damage caused by heavy rains. If you notice any of these signs, it is time for roof repair in Helena, MT.

Worn or Missing Shingles or Sheets

Your shingles are the outer layer of your roofing in Helena, MT. They are the first point of contact with heavy rains and take the worst beating. Harsh weather over time wears away your shingles leaving them weaker and damaged. When the shingles are no longer in good condition, they start to let moisture in.

If shingles are too weak to keep water out, the moisture that gets in can cause serious problems. It seeps into the underlayment and other structural materials, which causes them to rot. Once this happens, you’ll have to undertake large-scale, expensive, and inconvenient roof repairs in Helena, MT.

But it’s not just shingles that suffer. While metal roofing in Helena, MT is strong, it can still be damaged. Rain can dislodge metal sheeting and let moisture in through the gaps.

The best thing to do is to keep this kind of damage from happening after heavy rains occur. Before you let too much water in, get repairs from professional Helena, MT roofing contractors.

Clogged Gutters

If your gutters aren’t in good shape, rainwater cannot drain properly. Gutters that are clogged with leaves, sticks, and other debris cannot allow water to flow through them smoothly. This means water won’t be channeled to drain properly but will flow wherever.

Water that isn’t drained away gets trapped in roof valleys. Roofing companies in Helena, MT advise that this causes extra weight on the roof. The extra weight allows water to enter the home, resulting in damage.

If you aren’t paying attention to your gutters, it’s time you do. Get one of the reputable roofing companies in Helena, MT to come and periodically clear your gutters effectively and safely.

Algae and Moss on the House

Moisture that does not drain away properly will also lead to the growth of algae and moss on top of your house. No matter how much you like a touch of greenery, roofing companies in Helena, MT warn that moss and algae have serious negative consequences.

Moss and algae spread rapidly once it starts. It holds onto moisture, rotting the wood on top of your house. It may also erode shingles over time, and it attracts pests such as insects and even rodents. Stop moss and algae with repairs before it becomes serious.


Heavy rain can damage your roof system in many ways. Sometimes you may not notice the effects right away. That is why routine roof repair in Helena, MT is best. Schedule yours with Helena, MT roofing contractors today.

POSTED 4/02/2022
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