Skylight Replacement Guide: What You Need to Know as a Bozeman, MT Homeowner

Skylight Replacement Guide: What You Need to Know as a Bozeman, MT Homeowner

Replacing Your Shingle Roof In Bozeman, MT: A Complete Guide

Replacing your skylight is easier than you think. But you may have a lot of questions regarding skylights and skylight replacement. How can I tell whether it was installed correctly? What alternatives do I have? When can I tell whether it’s time to replace my skylight?

To help you get a better understanding of your Bozeman roofers and what they can offer, let us begin with the fundamentals. What are the various skylights accessible to you as a Montana homeowner? And how do you know when it’s time for roofing Bozeman, Montana replacement?

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Different Types of Skylight

The best skylight for your home is determined by the sort of roof you have. If you’re unsure which option is best for you, contact your roofing contractors in Bozeman, MT.

There are mainly two types of skylights to choose from when installing or replacing one: a Velux skylight or a pyramid skylight.


In the United States, Velux is the most popular roof window brand. The Velux system can be used on flat and shingle roofs and is quite common with Montana metal roofing.

These large, high-quality skylights have a sleek, contemporary look. If you’re concerned about the environment, you can also have one installed with solar power for your metal roofing in Bozeman, MT.


If you have a flat roof, a pyramid system is the way to go. This design has a grand, traditional feel and can be fitted with a ventilation system to improve airflow.

Fixtures Don’t Last Forever

From time to time, you’ll need to replace yours. But when is it time for a replacement?

There are various characteristics of your skylights that may indicate that it’s time to replace them. If you wait too long to replace your skylight, you risk causing harm to the interior of your home, so keep an eye out for symptoms of damage.

Cracked Glass

Glass cracks can cause significant damage to your property, as leaks can cause water damage and mold to spread onto interior walls, in addition to becoming a safety issue.

Several factors, including harsh weather, temperature changes, and falling debris, could cause the glass to crack. Regardless of the reason, make sure to contact your Bozeman roofing companies to fix this immediately.

Covered Weep Holes

Weep holes are tiny holes that prevent water from seeping into your home due to condensation. If these holes become blocked, they will not perform their function, resulting in water damage. Bozeman roofing contractors can help you clear these with routine maintenance.

During Roof Replacement

If you’ve contacted your roofers in Bozeman, MT, to replace your roof, it might also be an excellent time to replace your skylight. A contractor might be able to install a new fixture while also repairing roofing in Bozeman, MT saving you time and money.

Let Us Help You With Your Skylight Replacement

If your skylight needs to be replaced, contact roofing companies in Bozeman right away. The longer you wait, the greater the chance of your home being damaged by any of the factors above.

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